Worthington Vegan Food Brand Review

Worthington is a vegetarian food company that makes some vegan products. It is owned by Heritage Health Foods.

Worthington Vegan Food Brand Review

Worthington is a vegetarian food company that makes some vegan products. It is owned by Heritage Health Foods.

What is Worthington’s approach to vegan products?

Does Worthington make vegan products?

Yes, Worthington makes vegan some vegan deli meats and burgers.

Are all Worthington products vegan?

No, the majority of Worthington's products are vegetarian and contain animal products, especially egg whites.

Is Worthington a vegan business?

No, because Worthington makes some products containing animal ingredients, we do not consider it a vegan business.

Who is Worthington owned by?

Worthington is owned by Heritage Health Foods.

What else can you tell me about Worthington?

What does Worthington say about itself?

Plant–Powered™ diets are linked to health benefits such as a reduced risk of heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, diabetes, and cognitive decline.

Plant–Powered™ diets also contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing the amount of water and land used while increasing biodiversity.

Plant–Powered™ diets are good for your health and the planet! So, you can feel great, and know your plant-based lifestyle is earth-friendly as well!


What types of vegan products does Worthington make?

Worthington makes the following types of vegan food:

  • Vegan burgers, patties, and sliders
  • Vegan deli meats and slices

Please note that the majority of Worthington products contain egg whites and other animal ingredients and are not vegan. Please do check the label when buying Worthington products to ensure you're buying vegan. Worthington's website does clearly label its vegan foods.

Are there any other helpful resources from Worthington?

How and where can I buy Worthington vegan products?

How can I buy Worthington products locally?

Worthington vegan products can be purchased in many regional and national grocery store chains.

What countries are Worthington products available in?

Worthington products are available in the US.

What are the contact details for Worthington?

What is the website for Worthington?

How do I get in touch with Worthington?

Where can I find Worthington on social media?

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