Veganpet Vegan Pet Food Company Review

Veganpet is an Australian company that, as the name suggests, only makes vegan pet food products.

Veganpet Vegan Pet Food Company Review

Veganpet is a vegan dog and cat food manufacturer that makes a variety of vegan products for adult animals, puppies, and kittens. All of their foods are plant-based and completely free of animal products.

Veganpet pet food is nutritionally complete, so it contains all of the proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients that your companion animal needs to be happy and healthy. It’s suitable dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. It’s available as a dry kibble and as wet food in cans.

What is Veganpet’s approach to vegan products?

Does Veganpet make vegan products?

Yes, Veganpet makes dog and cat food products that are plant-based and do not contain any animal products.

Are all Veganpet products vegan?

Yes, all of the products made by Veganpet are vegan and do not contain meat or other animal-derived ingredients.

Is Veganpet a vegan business?

Yes, Veganpet is owned and run by vegans.

What else can you tell me about Veganpet?

Veganpet is an Australian company that makes healthy vegan foods for dogs and cats at all stages of life. Their raw ingredients are of a “human grade’ standard, completely natural, and organic where possible. The food is fortified with taurine, niacin, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

The owner of Veganpet has dedicated her life to helping animals, saying “I am involved in every aspect, including the establishment and operation of an animal welfare society, care and rehabilitation of native and domestic animals, and the creation and manufacture of products to improve the standard of living for animals.”

The owner continues, “Veganpet is a nutritionally balanced and complete dry food for puppies and kittens to mature adults. It is completely vegan, manufactured without the use of meat or animal by-products. Developed to completely balance a pets diet, it contains key ingredients that ensure that your pet is healthy and nourished. Veganpet is completely natural (with the exception of some added vitamins which are synthetic) with no artificial colours or preservatives.”

Veganpet food has been scientifically evaluated for dogs and cats.

How and where can I buy Veganpet vegan products?

What types of vegan products does Veganpet sell?

Veganpet makes:

  • Vegan dog kibble and cans for puppies and adult dogs
  • Vegan cat kibble and cans for kittens and adult cats
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How can I buy Veganpet vegan products?

You can buy Veganpet products directly from their website.

What countries are Veganpet products available in?

Veganpet is available in Australia via their website. We do not know about the availability of Veganpet outside Australia.

Frequently asked questions about Veganpet

Is Veganpet vegan dog food good for my dog?

Yes. Veganpet makes nutritionally-balanced food for both cats and dogs. Veganpet meets or exceeds all nutritional requirements according to the Association of American Feed Control Officers (AAFCO) dog food nutrient profile for puppy growth and adult maintenance.

Doesn’t my dog need meat?

What a dog needs is nutrition, as long as their nutritional needs are met, dogs can live very healthy, happy lives on a plant-based diet. Although dogs are omnivores, and their distant ancestors did need meat to survive, modern domestic dogs are completely able to eat and thrive on vegan dog food. The gut enzymes and genomes of dogs have evolved to let them eat and easily digest plant-based starches, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and grains.

Can my dog survive on a Veganpet vegan diet?

Yes. According to Veganpet, “As well as providing the necessary amount of protein, I have also provided natural enzymes to break the protein down into readily absorbable essential and non-essential amino acids. The actual essential amino acids are also added to ensure there is sufficient available to the digestive process.”

Will my dog get enough protein and nutrients from Veganpet vegan dog food?

Yes. Veganpet provides complete, high quality, bio-available, and easily digestible protein and other nutrition.

Is Veganpet suitable for puppies?

Yes, Veganpet makes a dog food that’s formulated for puppies.

Is Veganpet completely vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes. All of Veganpet’s products are plant-based and vegan. Their food does not contain any meat, dairy, or other animal products.

What types of vegan pet food products does Veganpet make?

They make kibble and canned food for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.

Where can I buy Veganpet pet food?

You can buy Veganpet products directly from their website.

Other helpful resources from Veganpet

What are the contact details for Veganpet?

What is the website for Veganpet?

How do I get in touch with Veganpet?

Where can I find Veganpet on social media?

  • We cannot find any social media links for Veganpet.

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