V-dog Vegan Dog Food Company Review

V-dog is a popular vegan dog food manufacturer that makes Kind Kibble, Wingglebiscuit treats, and Breathbones for your pups!

V-dog Vegan Dog Food Company Review

V-dog is a much-loved vegan dog food manufacturer that makes delicious kibble, mini-kibble, Breathbone chews, and Wigglebiscuit treats. All of their products are completely plant-based and do not contain any animal products.

V-dog’s kibble products are “nutritionally complete” which means they provide all of the protein, vitamins, and other nutrients that dogs need to thrive. A vegan diet for your dog may help to reduce chronic health symptoms and promote greater wellbeing. V-dog is available in the US through the V-dog website, and internationally through V-planet.

What is V-dog’s approach to vegan products?

Does V-dog make vegan products?

Yes, all of V-dog’s food and treats are vegan.

Are all V-dog products vegan?

Yes, V-dog is a completely vegan company that is owned and run by vegans.

Is V-dog a vegan business?

Yes, V-dog is family-owned and vegan. It is not part of a parent corporation or business.

What else can you tell me about V-dog?

V-dog has been around since 2005 and today they are one of the most popular vegan dog food makers in the US. V-dog’s formula was created by veterinary specialists and dog nutrition experts to meet all of your pup’s dietary needs.

Plant-food-based diets like V-dog can help dogs get relief from chronic symptoms. All of their food is cruelty-free and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice if you want high-quality, anti-inflammatory, vet-approved kibble.

In addition to providing health benefits, plant-based dog food has a much lower environmental impact than traditional, animal-based dog food. This includes preserving land, reducing energy use, conserving water, lessening pollution, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

The main ingredients in V-dog’s foods are peas, rice, oatmeal, lentils, peanuts, and flax. V-dog’s foods are free of wheat, corn, and soy, and contain no fillers. V-dog regular kibble is available in 20lb and 30lb bags. Their mini-kibble is available in 4.5lb bags. V-dog does not make dog food in cans.

Highlights on V-dog’s website includes the ethical considerations of switching a dog to a vegan diet, guides to discussing a vegan diet with your vet, and research showing that vegan diets are healthy for dogs. While you’re there, make sure you check out the Dog Blog.

How and where can I buy V-dog vegan products?

What types of vegan products does V-dog sell?

  • Vegan dog kibble in regular and mini sizes
V-dog Kind Kibble Dog Food Review
Kind Kibble is a low-priced, nutritionally complete, vegan dog food with excellent reviews.
V-dog Kind Kibble Mini Bites Dog Food Review - Kindly Geek
Kind Kibble Mini Bites are a very high-priced, nutritionally complete, AAFCO-certified vegan dog food with very good reviews. They are made by V-dog, a vegan business.

How can I buy V-dog vegan products?

You can also buy V-dog:

  • Through online stores like Amazon and Chewy
  • From some retail locations
  • You can also subscribe to get a discount on V-dog’s prices.

What countries are V-dog products available in?

Frequently asked questions about V-dog

Is V-dog vegan dog food good for my dog?

Yes. Research shows that plant-based dog food can lessen chronic health symptoms, help with inflammation, and reduce allergies. V-Dog is also designed to be easy to digest. It’s also interesting to note that the oldest dog in the world, Bramble, lived to age 25 on a vegan diet!

Doesn’t my dog need meat?

What a dog needs is nutrition, as long as their nutritional needs are met, dogs can live very healthy, happy lives on a plant-based diet. Although dogs are omnivores, and their distant ancestors did need meat to survive, modern domestic dogs are completely able to eat and thrive on vegan dog food. The gut enzymes and genomes of dogs have evolved to let them eat and easily digest plant-based starches, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and grains.

Can my dog survive on a V-dog vegan diet?

Absolutely. V-Dog’s kibble formula was developed by expert canine nutritionists and veterinarians. V-dog is “nutritionally complete” which means it has all of the necessary protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that a dog needs to thrive. V-dog’s kibble meets all AAFCO requirements for adult dogs.

Will my dog get enough protein and nutrients from V-dog vegan dog food?

Yes. V-dog says their kibble is “formulated to meet or exceed all guidelines for adult dog nutrition per AAFCO standards, so you can feel confident that it will meet your dog’s needs.”

Is V-dog dog food suitable for puppies?

Uncertain. We think it’s best to quote directly from V-Dog’s FAQs on this: “V-dog is technically an “adult formula,” since it is expertly formulated to meet AAFCO standards for dogs 1 year and up. We have received feedback from many customers who have successfully raised younger puppies on V-dog.

Is V-dog completely vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes. V-Dog is owned by vegans and produces exclusively plant-based food. There are no natural, derived, or other animal products in their food.

What types of vegan pet food products does V-dog make?

V-dog makes dry dog kibble in regular and mini sizes, treats, and chews.

Where can I buy V-dog dog food?

In the US, you can buy V-dog directly from their website, and outside the US you can buy their products from V-planet. You can also purchase their products through Amazon, Chewy, and other vendors. Some websites allow you to subscribe and save on regular deliveries of V-dog.

Does V-dog offer subscriptions and discounts for regular purchases?

Yes. V-dog offers a “subscribe and save” option through their website. Subscriptions may also be available from other online stores.

Where is V-dog based?

They’re located in California, which is where they make their products.

What does V-dog say about their environmental and sustainability approaches?

V-dog says, “Despite all the positives we find in a vegan lifestyle, we continue to feed the vast majority of our dogs food that is loaded with animal products. As guardians, we make all kinds of choices for our pups, including where they run and play, who they interact with, and, of course, what they eat. The more we shift our pets towards vegan diets, the less harm we inflict on the planet.” They support this by producing entirely vegan products, which are much better for the environment than traditional, meat-based foods.

What are some other helpful resources from V-dog?

What are the contact details for V-dog?

What is the website for V-dog?

V-dog Vegan Dog Food | Healthy Dog Treats | Vegan Dog Chews
V-dog makes 100% complete & balanced (AAFCO) vegan dog food with healthy superfoods and plant-powered protein.
V-planet Vegan Food for Dogs | Available Internationally
V-planet vegan dog food is proudly made in Canada with wholesome vegan, non GMO ingredients like peas, lentil and quinoa. We’re passionate about yummy, healthy food for your pup that’s environmentally sustainable and kind to all animals.

How do I get in touch with V-dog?

  • Phone: 1–888–280–8364
  • Email: support@v-dog.com

Where can I find V-dog on social media?

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