Morningstar Farms Vegan Food Brand Review

Morningstar Farms mainly makes vegetarian products although it is expanding its vegan range of meat alternatives, especially under its "Incogmeato" brand. It is owned by Kellogg's.

Morningstar Farms Vegan Food Brand Review

Morningstar Farms is a well-known food manufacturer. Although the majority of its products are vegetarian and contain animal products, it does make some completely vegan, plant-based foods.

For Morningstar Farms branded products, this does require careful reading of the ingredients list, but it has also launched a sub-brand, "Incogmeato." All Incogmeato foods are completely vegan and plant-based.

Morningstar Farms and Incogmeato are both owned by Kellogg's, that also owns many other brands made from animals or containing animal-derived ingredients.

What is Morningstar Farms’ approach to vegan products?

Does Morningstar Farms make vegan products?

Yes, Morningstar Farms makes vegan [brief lists of types of products].

Are all Morningstar Farms products vegan?

No, some of Morningstar Farms’ foods are vegetarian and contain animal products.

Is Morningstar Farms a vegan business?

No, because Morningstar Farms makes some products containing animal ingredients, we do not consider it a vegan business.

Who is Morningstar Farms owned by and is it a vegan business?

No, Morningstar Farms is owned by Kellogg's which owns other brands and that make foods containing animal products.

What else can you tell me about Morningstar Farms?

What does Morningstar Farms say about itself?

See, we’ve been making and innovating better-for-you, better-for-the-planet veggie foods since the very beginning. Over 40 years of spreading plant-based love through everyday food for everyday folks. No futuristic franken-food or all-or-nothing activism. Just uncompromisingly delicious vegetarian and plant protein takes on America’s favorite foods, for every appetite and every part of the day.

That’s why we continually produce some of America’s most-loved and most eaten plant-based foods. Burgers to bacon, pulled pork to corn dogs, vegetarian to vegan; Morningstar Farms is plant-based goodness made for everyone. Source

What types of vegan products does Morningstar Farms make?

Morningstar Farms makes the following types of vegan food:

  • Vegan meat alternatives
  • Vegan burgers, patties, and sliders
  • Vegan hot dogs and frankfurters
  • Vegan meat nuggets, balls, pieces, strips, and similar.
  • Vegan mince, grounds, and similar
  • Vegan sausages

Please note that we have excluded vegetarian food that contains animal products from the list above. Because a wide range of Morningstar Farms foods do contain animal ingredients, it's important to check the labels closely to ensure you are buying a vegan product.

Please note that all Morningstar Farms products in the "Incogmeato" product range are entirely plant-based and vegan.

Are there any other helpful resources from Morningstar Farms?

How and where can I buy Morningstar Farms vegan products?

How can I buy Morningstar Farms products online?

Morningstar Farms vegan products can be purchased through Amazon Prime Now and Instacart.

How can I buy Morningstar Farms products locally?

Morningstar Farms vegan products are widely available from grocery stores and supermarket chains in the US and some other countries around the world.

What countries are Morningstar Farms products available in?

Morningstar Farms products are available in the United States and other countries around the world.

What are the contact details for Morningstar Farms?

What is the website for Morningstar Farms?

How do I get in touch with Morningstar Farms?

Where can I find Morningstar Farms on social media?

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