Linda McCartney Foods Vegan Food Brand Review

Linda McCartney Foods is a UK-based manufacturer that makes a variety of vegetarian and vegan products. The brand is owned by Hane Celestial.

Linda McCartney Foods Vegan Food Brand Review

Linda McCartney Foods was created by Linda McCartney in 1991. The company makes vegetarian and vegan meat-substitutes such as pies, burgers, sausages, sausage rolls, meatballs, and fish alternatives.

More than 70% of all the products made by Linda McCartney foods are vegan. Although the McCartney family stays involved in its development, the company is now owned by the Hain Celestial Group, which is not a vegan company, and it also owns Yves and Westsoy.

What is Linda McCartney Foods' approach to vegan products?

Does Linda McCartney Foods make vegan products?

Yes, Linda McCartney Foods makes vegan [brief lists of types of products].

Are all Linda McCartney Foods products vegan?

No, some Linda McCartney Foods products are vegetarian and contain animal products.

Is Linda McCartney Foods a vegan business?

No, we don't consider Linda McCartney Foods to be a vegan business as they do make some foods that contain animal products.

Who is Linda McCartney Foods owned by and is it a vegan business?

No, Linda McCartney Foods is owned by Hain Celestial which owns other brands and that make foods containing animal products.

What else can you tell me about Linda McCartney Foods?

What does Linda McCartney Foods say about itself?

An original food pioneer, Linda McCartney believed in great tasting, honest, meat free food and the shared pleasure that eating well could bring. Those involved in the brand today, including The McCartney Family, are dedicated to sharing Linda’s passion for wholesome cooking with everyone. We are inspired daily by Linda’s enthusiasm for celebrating life through good food. And so our unique range never compromises on taste or quality and is made with care and compassion. Source

What types of vegan products does Linda McCartney Foods make?

Linda McCartney Foods makes the following types of vegan food:

  • Vegan burgers, patties, and sliders
  • Vegan meat nuggets, balls, pieces, strips, and similar.
  • Vegan mince, grounds, and similar
  • Vegan roasts, fillets, steaks, and similar
  • Vegan sausages
  • Vegan fish alternatives
  • Vegan pies, tarts, and pastries

The majority of Linda McCartney Food products are vegan. They state that there are only three products that are not vegan-friendly: Chicken and Leek Pies, Cheese and Leek Plaits, and Mozzarella Burgers as those all contain dairy.

What are some common features of Linda McCartney Foods vegan products?

Are there any other helpful resources from Linda McCartney Foods?

How and where can I buy Linda McCartney Foods vegan products?

How can I buy Linda McCartney Foods products online?

Linda McCartney Foods vegan products can be purchased online through the websites of UK supermarket chains.

How can I buy Linda McCartney Foods products locally?

Linda McCartney products are widely available in supermarket chains in the UK.

What countries are Linda McCartney Foods products available in?

Linda McCartney Foods vegan products are available in:

  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia - Trialia Foods and Woolworths Supermarket
  • Austria
  • Brunei - Rosario
  • Czech Republic - Hain Celestial Europe
  • Finland - Hain Celestial Europe
  • Hong Kong - Foods of Europe
  • Hungary - Hain Celestial Europe
  • Iceland - Hain Celestial Europe
  • Ireland - Hain Celestial Ireland
  • Kenya - Crimsonplace
  • Malta - Hain Celestial Europe
  • Malaysia - Rosario
  • Norway - Hain Celestial Europe
  • Poland - Hain Celestial Europe
  • Portugal - Hain Celestial Europe
  • Slovakia - Hain Celestial Europe
  • South Africa - Shoprite and Checkers
  • Spain - Hain Celestial Europe
  • Sweden - Hain Celestial Europe
  • United Arab Emirates - Chamdol

What are the contact details for Linda McCartney Foods?

What is the website for Linda McCartney Foods?

How do I get in touch with Linda McCartney Foods?

Where can I find Linda McCartney Foods on social media?

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