A complete guide to who owns all the major vegan brands, including whether they are also involved in other animal-based businesses. Find out who owns the vegan brands you use every day so you can make an informed shopping choice.

Who Owns Your Favorite Vegan Food Brands?

We all have vegan food and drink brands that we love, but do you know who ultimately owns them? Wonder no more, with our complete guide to the most popular vegan brands in the world, and the businesses behind them.  Featuring popular vegan food manufacturers like Hampton Creek, Gardein, Silk, Quorn, and many more, this guide will help you decide on the brands you want to buy.

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How We Cover Vegan Brand Owners

We cover several main "types" of brands, that we've split by who they're owned by.

Vegan and non-vegan owned brands

Brands That Are Completely Vegan

Follow Your Heart, Kite Hill, Make My Day Foods, Missionary Chocolate, Miyoko's Kitchen, No Evil Foods, Plamil Foods, Ripple, Tofurky, and Violife.

Vegan Brands with Limited Animal Impact

Impossible Foods, Just Foods, Tofutti.

Vegan and Vegetarian Brands that are Not Owned by Vegan Businesses, Owners, or Investors

Alpro, Amy's Kitchen, Beyond Meat, BOCA, Cedar Lake Foods, Chao, Daiya, Earth Balance, Earth Grown Vegan, Earth's Own Food Co., Eden Foods, Field Roast, Gardein, Heritage Health Foods, Lightlife, Linda McCartney, Morningstar Farms, Quorn, Sabra, Silk, So Delicious, Sweet Earth Natural Foods, Yves.

Brands That Are Completely Vegan

All the products and brands in this section are manufactured and produced by vegan businesses, but where to the best of our knowledge the owners of that business do not invest in or own other businesses that exploit animals.

Atlantic Natural Foods (Loma Linda, Neat)

At Atlantic Natural Foods, Inc. we manufacture and distribute sustainable vegetarian foods and beverages with a focus on taste, nutrition, convenience, and social responsibility.

With three major brands within our portfolio, we offer the complete package for those with special dietary needs or those seeking a plant-based lifestyle. We offer sustainable, non-GMO soy and pecan based meat alternatives, gluten-free baking mixes, an egg substitute, and a line of roasted grain beverage mixes.


Atlantic Natural foods is a plant-based company with a couple of shelf-stable vegan brands. The first, Loma Linda, makes canned vegan products such as chili, hot dogs, burgers, and tuna as well as pouches of pre-prepared foods like stews and curries. The second brand is Neat, which consists of pouches of mixes for brownies and cookies as well as mixes for burgers and tacos, and an egg-replacer that they use in their products and sell separately. The manufacturing plants, located in North Carolina, are completely vegan.

Atlantic Natural Foods Products

Follow Your Heart

Since our humble beginnings as a small market and café in Canoga Park, we have expanded our passion for great-tasting, healthy foods. We believe that all people deserve access to healthy food, that we should have compassion for all living things, and that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the environment.


Follow Your Heart was created in 1970 as a sandwich counter by Michael Besançonn, Bob Goldberg, Paul Lewin and Spencer Windbiel. It’s a vegan food company that started with Vegenaise, an egg-free mayonnaise. They now produce the VeganEgg, a egg-replacement product, cheeses, dressings, sauces and spreads, like cream cheeses. The owners are now Bob Goldberg and Paul Lewin. The company’s products are completely vegan (even using vegan honey-substitutes) and the factory is solar powered.

Follow Your Heart Products

Kite Hill

We began with a vision for a plant-based food that would have all the qualities we relish in the best artisan dairy cheeses. We believe the best part of eating is the togetherness of a shared meal, and we wanted to create products that everyone can enjoy, whether eating a dairy-free diet or just curious about a healthier lifestyle.


Kite Hill was founded by vegan chef Tal Ronnen, chef Monte Casino, and Patrick Brown (also founder of Lyrical Foods, which produces Kite Hill products, and Impossible Foods; though Impossible Foods is not associated with Kite Hill) make all vegan versions of cream cheese, artisanal soft cheeses, filled pastas, and yogurts. The company makes only vegan items.

Kite Hill Products

Make My Day Foods

When friends and family members being sneaking Cheryl’s pucks into their own smoothies and experiencing similar surges in vitality, Cheryl knew she had developed a way to make super healthy nutrition super convenient - and that countless others could benefit from getting pucked as well!


Make My Day Foods is the manufacturer of the Veggie Puck, founded in 2014 by the current owner Cheryl McEwen. They produce the pucks, vegan smoothies with 2 differents flavours: Supreme Green (spinach, kale, collard, dandelion greens and parsley) and Purple Power (beets, beet greens, carrot, dandelion greens and radicchio).

Make My Day Foods Products

Missionary Chocolate

Missionary Chocolates began in 2008 when the founder was in her last year of medical school. What started out as gifts for her vegan mother quickly became a company, as a few months later her dairy-free truffles won first place at the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Portland, OR.


Missionary Chocolate was founded and is owned by Melissa Berry in 2008 and produces dairy-free truffles. The sales are used to build an inpatient and integrative healing center. They make 13 chocolate flavours that come in custom boxes.

Missionary Chocolate Products

Miyoko's Kitchen

It’s the new gold standard for the future of food that emphasizes artistry, integrity, ethics and conviviality. It’s the credo the drives everything we do from the creation of our products to inspiring others to try this phenomenal lifestyle. Phenomenally Vegan is how we change the world. Together.


Miyoko’s Kitchen was founded by vegan cheesemaker, Miyoko Schinner. The company is completely vegan, even providing free vegan meals daily to its employees. Schinner is co-founder of Rancho Compassion, a sanctuary in California. The company produces artisan vegan cheeses, such as double cream chive, smoked, herbs de Provence, and truffle; in addition they make vegan butter and cream cheese.

Miyoko's Kitchen Products

No Evil Foods

Throwing caution to the wind and with a thirst for adventure, No Evil Foods was built from the ground up, giving life to a powerful mission: to use food as a force for good, because real change starts at the center of your plate. We loudly proclaim ‘DO NO EVIL’ as our battle cry in the food revolution. Every bite supports our cause to use food as a FORCE FOR GOOD. Small batch, sustainable, simple & kind. Protein for all & in plants we trust!


No Evil Foods is a plant-based meat manufacturer located in Asheville, North Carolina. Although they only started in 2014, they have grown to be a premier producer of high-end meat substitutes. They are a self-owned, vegan business and products are available in Whole Foods, specialty market places, and via their website.

No Evils Foods Products

Plamil Foods

We passionately believe in producing food that is made to the highest standards possible. We are more than a ‘brand’, as we actually make products in our own factory, giving us control over every aspect of production resulting in tasty food for all, supplying consumers, retailers, wholesalers and food catering / manufacturing facilities worldwide.


Plamil Foods was founded in 1956 by the owner Lesli Cross as the Plantmilk Society and was named Plamil Foods in 1965. They now offer dairy-free milk, chocolate, mayonnaise and chocolate spreads. All of their items are vegan, and they are a completely nut-free factory, and aim to reduce allergens as far as possible. They are a UK-based company.

Plamil Products


We think good food should be simple. And for food to be good, we think it needs to taste great, nourish your body and leave a small footprint on the planet. When we make the right choice as easy as pouring a delicious glass of Ripple milk, we empower more people to eat and live well.


Ripple Foods was started in 2014 by Neil Renninger and Adam Lowry, both of whom have chemical and engineering degrees. They make their products using the yellow pea that has been dried and had its color and taste molecules removed. This leaves a high-protein, low-sugar ingredient for their milk, half and half, and Greek-style yogurts.  Lowry is also the founder of cleaning product company, Method. It is available in some Target, Kroger and Whole Foods stores.

Ripple Products


Happiness is when the food you want to eat, the food you should eat, and the food you do eat are all the same food. Tasty, good for us, good for animals and the environment, and easy to get onto the table on a busy Tuesday night: that’s truly satisfying food. That’s the kind of food we make at Tofurky.


Tofurky was founded in 1980 by Seth Tibbott and is a trademark of Turtle Island Foods, which is the only owner. It specializes in meat substitutes, such as tempeh, ham, sausages, holidays specials such as roasts and gravy. Everything is vegan. The owners are vegan and they are a fully sustainable company.

Tofurky Products


Harmless food, free of animal products. Because you care about life. You care about the planet. Clean food, free of preservatives, GMO’s and ingredients you don’t understand. Healthy food, free from allergens that you, personally, need to avoid. Whatever your reason, it’s your choice. Because you know that you are what you eat.


Violife has been making vegan cheese products, such as slices, blocks, wedges, grated cheeses and cream cheese since the 1990s. It is a completely vegan brand and is owned by Anthimos Misailidis who is also the CEO.

Violife Products

Vegan Brands with Limited Animal Impact

These are vegan brands that are only minimally involved with animal products, or are owned by investors or other businesses that we do not think are involved with animal products.

Impossible Foods

Food is essential for life, yet a virtually unexplored scientific frontier. Impossible Foods lives at the edge of this frontier, investigating the molecular basis of food flavors and textures, learning how the foods we choose affect our planet and our bodies.


Impossible Foods was founded in 2011 by Patrick O. Brown. The Impossible Burger is one of the most meat-like vegan burgers on the market and is made from coconut oil, wheat and potatoes. All foods from Impossible are free of animal products. Some investors are Bill Gates, Google Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Li Ka-Shing. Note that Impossible Foods did have to conduct some federally-mandated animal testing, as their CEO explains.

Impossible Food Products

Just Foods (Hampton Creek)

The world does not believe it’s possible to have healthier, sustainable food that is also affordable and delicious. That keeps anyone from even trying. We are trying to change that mindset. We started with this idea that we would build a food system that makes it really easy for people to eat well.


Founded in 2011 by Josh Balk and Joshua Tetrick (CEO), they launched their first product in 2013, Beyond Eggs, an egg replacement ingredient. They have also launched Just Mayo, followed by cookies, dressings, cookie dough, and most recently Just Scramble, a vegan egg product. Their food lines are exclusively vegan.

Just Products



The brand was started by David Mintz over 30 years ago to help his customers keep to their Kosher diets of not eating meat and dairy in the same meal. He used tofu instead of dairy to create vegan cakes, cookies, ice creams, Better than Ricotta and Better than Cream Cheese spreads, and cheese. Mintz is still part of the company, which is located in New Jersey. The company and the brand are almost exclusively vegan and no animal products are used in any items apart from Mintz’s Blintzes which use egg whites.

Tofutti Products

Vegan and Vegetarian Brands that are Not Owned by Vegan Businesses, Owners, or Investors

All the products and brands in this section are manufactured and produced by vegan or vegetarian businesses, but that business is owned by another business that also manufactures or sells goods containing animal products such as meat or dairy.


Our vision is a world where more of what we eat comes directly from plants. Our mission is to change the way the world eats for the better by creating delicious, naturally healthy plant-based foods, for the maximum wellbeing of everyone and with the utmost respect for our planet. By doing so we want to be a key contributor for making plant-based eating and drinking a mainstream choice.


Alpro is a Belgian company specializing in soy-based foods and drinks.It was founded in 1980 by the Vandermoortele Groep, a Vandermoortele family business. While all Alpro branded products are vegan, it is now owned by DanoneWave, which is not a vegan company and which also tests some ingredients and foods on animals.

Alpro Products

Amy's Kitchen

Our goal is to do things the right way. Right by our customers. Right by our farmers. Right by our family of employees. And right by our Earth. The right way isn’t always the smart way or the easy way, but it’s the only way we’re interested in.


Amy’s Kitchen was founded in 1987 by Andy and Rachel Berliner and produces convenience and frozen foods. All of their products are vegetarian and some are vegan. Their first product was the Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie and now they make 27 categories of foods, such as pizza, soup, burritos, and dairy and vegan mac and cheese. The company is still family-owned.

Amy's Vegan Products

Amy's does sell some exclusively vegan products:

Beyond Meat

We believe there is a better way to feed the planet. Our mission is to create mass-market solutions that perfectly replace animal protein with plant protein. We are dedicated to improving human health, positively impacting climate change, conserving natural resources and respecting animal welfare.


Ethan Brown created Beyond Meat in 2009. Every product is vegan and their Beyond Burger is their most popular product. They recently introduced the Beyond Sausage.  Beyond Meat is often confused with Impossible Foods, and Ethan Brown claims they have never tested products or ingredients on animals.

Beyond Meat Products


Boca provides the same hearty bite of a real hamburger but crafted with veggie protein for nutrition. Boca is easily added to any burger build and is simple to prepare.


BOCA Foods was founded in 1979 with its first vegetarian product, the Sun Burger. The company is now a subsidiary of Kraft Foods. They produce meat-substitutes that are mostly vegetarian but some of them are vegan.

BOCA Vegan Products

Cedar Lake Foods

For more than 50 years, CEDAR LAKE FOODS has been committed to the production and distribution of wholesome, nutritious, and tasty vegetarian foods. We consider ourselves to be in the healthful living business. Our mission is to provide our customers with fine health foods suitable to their active lifestyles.


Cedar Lake Foods was formed in 1949 as a vegetarian product company, and they remain a vegetarian company. They do produce a line of canned vegan foods that includes hot dogs, various patties, and burgers, chili, and sloppy joes, plus a vegan line of deli slices and tofu hot dogs. They were bought in 2016 by Heritage Health Foods, a vegetarian company.

Cedar Lake Foods Vegan Products


Today our ever expanding line of Chao Creamery products give homage to the flavorful plant kingdom and celebrate umami at its finest, using Chao as an important ingredient. Instead of making fake dairy products that mimic the traditional flavors found there, we have innovated new flavors to delight and inspire you, and extend that to creamy spreads, sauces and dressings.


Chao is a product line of plant-based cheeses made by Field Roast but is considered a brand by itself by many vegans. They have three flavors of cheese slices: creamy original, tomato cayenne and coconut herb; and two flavors of mac & cheese: chili mac and creamy. In February 2017, the Field Roast company was bought by Canadian animal-meat processors Maple Leaf Foods.

Chao Products


Dairy is such a cultural staple and widely enjoyed in so many ways: on its own, in simple dishes or as part of a complex creation. Our plant-based alternatives provide the delicious characteristics you desire. Whether you suffer from allergies, are dairy-intolerant, living vegan or simply choosing a healthier lifestyle, Daiya is the perfect choice.


The Daiya company was established by Greg Blake and Andre Kroecher in 2008. They make dairy-free vegan-cheese products like cheese slices, shreds, blocks, sauces and gluten-free pizzas. The company is now owned by Otsuka Pharmaceutical.

Daiya Products

Earth Balance

Earth Balance is based in Boulder, Colorado, where fresh mountain air keeps us motivated to spread a conscious, rewarding way of living. With everything from baking sticks and nut butters to snacks and more, we’re committed to food that’s not just good for cooking, baking, snacking and spreading, it’s made with the Earth in mind. Oh, and it’s pretty delicious, too. It’s not just plant-made. It’s that good.


Earth Balance is based in Boulder, CO and was born out of GFA Brands (makers of Smart Balance spreads), now called Boulder Foods. They make nut butters, snacks such as cheddar-flavor crackers, popcorn and chips, buttery spreads and sticks for baking, and boxed mac and cheese, and a mayonnaise. All foods under the Earth Balance brand are vegan, however Boulder Foods, which owns Evol, Glutino and Gardien, is owned by Pinnacle Foods which is not a vegan company; they own brands such as Udi’s, Mrs. Paul’s and Birds Eye.

Earth Balance Products

Earth Grown

Our Promise: All our Earth Grown products are free from animal products, including meat, poultry and seafood, and our vegan items are also free from substances produced by animals - such as eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin, and lanolin.


Earth Grown is a label from the supermarket chain Aldi. The Earth Grown line is mainly vegan (there are some vegetarian items) and includes burgers, Italian and regular meatballs ,and a mozzarella cheese. This product line may not be permanent.

Aldi is a Germany-based discount supermarket and is not a vegan entity. Aldi is still part-owned by family of the original founders, brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht, and the remainder is owned by two foundation trusts. Popular grocery store Trader Joe's is also owned by the family.

Earth Grown Vegan Products

Earth's Own Food Company

Earth’s Own Food Company is a pioneering healthy food & beverage company dedicated to nutritional innovation and sustainability in order to actively improve people’s lives and wellbeing. With a product line-up that includes leading non-dairy beverage brands So Good, So Nice, and Almond Fresh Earth’s Own Food Company is devoted to developing great tasting wholesome products that are good for our consumers, their families, the community, and the planet.


Earth’s Own was founded in 1995 by Maheb Nathoo under the name Soyaworld Inc. and was renamed Earth’s Own Food Company in 2011. They are a Canadian company that produces the So Good, So Nice, Almond Fresh and Ryza brands, which make dairy-free products such as milks and yogurts. They are owned by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and Agrifoods International Cooperative. All of their products are vegan and available only in Canada.

Earth's Own Products

Eden Foods

Eden Foods began in southern Michigan in the late 1960s amongst friends sourcing natural food. Youth motivated by study of a worldwide phenomenon stemming from macrobiotics; the centering of ones eating around whole grain and seasonal local plant foods that are not toxic chemical adulterated or nutrient depleted.


Eden Foods was created in 1969 as a co-op grocery store in southern Michigan. It’s famous for its line of organic soy milk, Edensoy and its line of Japanese foods. Only their Bonito Flakes (Japanese fish flakes) isn’t vegan. It is now owned by Michael Potter.  

Eden Foods Products

Field Roast

Foodmaker Pride is an expression of our connection to the foods we make. Guided by the intention to create beautiful food and an honest living for our employees, we are happy to offer delicious vegan meats and chao products with a culinary heritage you can be proud to serve to family and friends.


David Lee created Field Roast in 1997 with his brother Richard Lee with a loaf with three different flavours: Smoked tomato, Lentil sage and Wild mushroom. Then they created the cutlets and the famous Celebration Roast. They also produce various flavors of sausages including a breakfast sausage, burgers, deli slices, and newly released “FRuffalo Wings” and corn dogs. All the products are vegan. In February 2017, the company was bought by Canadian animal-meat processors Maple Leaf Foods.

Field Roast Products


Global food demand will grow 50% by 2030 and there will be significant need for more protein. We think Gardein is part of the solution. We believe eating more plant-based foods builds good health and is good for our planet too. It’s part of the reason why we like to say, goodness grows.


The company was founded by Yves Potvin and was officially established in 2003. All their meat-like chicken, beef and fish products are vegan. They produce tenders, wings, burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, fish filets and holiday specials. It is now owned by Pinnacle Foods which is not a vegan company; it also owns brands such as Earth Balance.

Gardein Products

Heritage Health Foods


Heritage Health Foods of Tennessee is a vegetarian company founded by Don Otis, a Seventh-Day Adventist. He says that his company produces an “all-organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-processed product,” yet many of the products on the site list egg, milk, and propylene glycol as ingredients. Their line of Kim’s Simple Meals are vegan “just add water” products (breakfast sausage, waffles, mac and cheese, and burgers).

Heritage Health Foods Products


Our mission is making eating better accessible and deliciously easy, because the more people love our food, the more good we can do together. Because we believe that what you eat is strongly connected to how you feel and how you live your life, we make foods that help sustain a healthier you and a healthier planet.


Lightlife was founded in 1979 and renamed Lightlife in 1984. The company was owned first by ConAgra Foods, then Brynwood Partners and is now owned by Maple Leaf Foods. They produce both vegan and vegetarian meat-substitutes but were said to have made all foods vegan by the end of 2017.

Lightlife Foods Products

Linda McCartney

An original food pioneer, Linda McCartney believed in great tasting, honest, meat free food and the shared pleasure that eating well could bring. Those involved in the brand today, including The McCartney Family, are dedicated to sharing Linda’s passion for wholesome cooking with everyone.


Linda McCartney Foods was created by Linda McCartney in 1991. They make vegetarian and vegan meat-substitutes such as pies, burgers, sausages, sausage rolls, meatballs, stir-fry and pastas. Although the McCartney family stays involved in its development, the company is now owned by the Hain Celestial Group, which is not a vegan company, and which also owns Yves and Westsoy.

Linda McCartney Vegan Products

Morningstar Farms

We make delicious veggie foods with tasty plant-based proteins for every part of your day. These are the kinds of foods that do more than make you feel good - they make for a healthier planet. And remember, no matter how you veg, it’s “Just What the World Ordered.”


Morningstar Farms was created in the 1970s and was purchased by The Kellogg Company in October 1999. Their products are vegetarian meat-substitutes, a few of them are vegan.

Morningstar Farms Vegan Products


At Quorn we have a simple message. To bring people delicious and exciting food that is good for them and good for the planet. The ethical, health and environmental benefits of Quorn foods puts corporate responsibility at the heart of everything we do.


Quorn is a meat-substitute company created in 1985 by Marlow Foods. It is now owned by Monde Nissin Corporation. Quorn is sold as both a cooking ingredient and meat substitutes. It is a vegetarian company because of the egg albumen in the product but a vegan line exists that uses potato protein instead. They produce meat-free versions of sausages, grounds and burgers but are known for their varieties of chicken-substitutes, like nuggets and filets.

Quorn Vegan Products


We taste, touch, smell, chop, blend and share flavorful foods. We warm fresh pita bread. We roast eggplants. We toast sunflower seeds. We eat with our hands. We talk with our mouths full. And we love every delicious minute of it. (But then, who wouldn’t?)
Sabra was created in 1996 as Sabra-Blue & White Foods. It is now owned by Israeli food manufacturer Strauss and PepsiCo. They make Middle Eastern-style foods such as hummus, tzatziki dip, guacamole and Mediterranean salsa. They are a vegetarian brand.

Sabra Vegan Products


We’ve always supported folks who share our values and want to change the world for the better. As Silk has grown, so has our definition of neighborhood, expanding to touch the communities in which we do business and the environment we all share.


Silk is a dairy-substitute brand that mostly produces plant-based milks and yogurts. It was founded in 1978 by Steve Demos and its first product was released in 1996. While all of the Silk brand products are vegan, it’s now owned by DanoneWave, which is not a vegan company and which also owns So Delicious.

Silk Products

So Delicious

Our philosophy of doing business is based on our firm commitment to treating everyone and everything—animals, the environment, each other, our partners, and our community—with unwavering respect.


So Delicious was founded in the 1980s and is now owned by DanoneWave. The brand produces dairy-substitutes such as plant-based milks, yogurts, ice creams and creamers. It is now owned by DanoneWave, which also owns Activia and Horizon Organic.

So Delicious Products

Sweet Earth Natural Foods


Sweet Earth are makers of vegetarian and vegan foods such as Benevolent Bacon, Harmless Ham, burritos and other animal-meat substitutes. They are a vegetarian company (some products use dairy and eggs). Though they are owned by Nestle, the company continues to be run by the founders, Kelly and Brian Swette, and operates relatively independently of Nestle.

Sweet Earth Natural Foods Products


For over 20 years, Yves Veggie Cuisine® has been committed to creating and providing delicious and nutritious plant based snacking and meal options for Vegans and Vegetarians.More and more people are realizing the benefits of plant-based nutrition and there is a growing demand for healthy, ethical plant-based products.


Yves Veggie Cuisine was founded by Yves Potvin (also the founder of Gardien) who sold it to the Hain Celestial Group in 2001. They make vegan and vegetarian meat-substitutes, including deli slices, breakfast sausages and veggie dogs.

Yves Products


Vegan brands are becoming more popular around the world. Whatever product you want to buy, the chances are that there's a vegan version. Now you have the information you need to help you make an informed choice on the brands you want to buy from.