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Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance is a manufacturer that makes several types of dog food. The majority of their products do contain meat, although they do make a “Vegetarian” range of food that’s actually vegan and doesn’t contain any animal products.

Natural Balance’s vegetarian dog food is available as both a dry kibble and as a wet, canned food. The vegetarian dog food is considered “nutritionally complete” which means it has all of the nutrients, vitamins, protein, fiber, and other essential ingredients that your pup needs.

Natural Balance and their approach to vegan products

Does Natural Balance make vegan products?

Yes, Natural Balance vegetarian dog food is a vegan, plant-based product that contains no animal ingredients.

Are all Natural Balance products vegan?

No, in addition to making Natural Balance vegetarian dog food, the company also makes several other pet foods that contain meat and other animal products.

Is Natural Balance a vegan business?

No, Natural Balance is owned by the J.M. Smucker company which owns a number of other consumer and pet food brands.

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Natural Balance makes both vegetarian and traditional, meat-based dog and cat food. They specialize in “Limited-Ingredient” diets (LIDs) for animals with different dietary needs. These types of diets have several benefits including promoting a healthy skin and coat, aiding with digestion, and supporting overall wellbeing. 

Natural Balance was founded by Dick Van Patten in 1989 and was acquired by the J.M. Smucker company in 2015. J.M. Smucker owns several other consumer and pet food brands, some of which contain animal products.

Natural Balance’s vegetarian dog food contains no natural or derived animal products, making it a completely vegan formula. Their vegetarian dog food contains brown rice, oat groats, potatoes, and plenty of other natural, plant-based ingredients. It does not contain soy, wheat, corn, or other refined grains and also avoids artificial flavors or colors. 

The vegetarian formula gives your dog the same vital nutrients as traditional dog food and contains every ingredient a dog needs to lead a healthy, happy life. It’s available as a “Vegetarian Dry Dog Formula” or as an “Ultra Premium Vegetarian Canned Dog Formula.”

How and where to buy Natural Balance vegan products

What types of vegan products does Natural Balance sell?

Natural Balance Vegetarian dog food is available as:

  • Dry dog kibble
  • Wet dog food in cans

How can I buy Natural Balance vegan products?

You can buy Natural Balance:

  • At local and independent pet retailers
  • Through major pet retailers
  • Online from Chewy, Amazon, and other vendors
  • Directly from their website

Natural Balance offers a loyalty program that provides free food when you purchase a certain amount. 

What countries are Natural Balance products available in?

Natural Balance doesn’t state the countries it is available in, but many online retailers will ship internationally.

Frequently asked questions about Natural Balance

What types of products does Natural Balance make?

Natural Balance makes many different types of dog and cat food, with the majority of them containing meat and other animal-derived products. Their “Vegetarian” dog food does not contain any animal products at all, and is completely vegan.

Where can I buy Natural Balance vegetarian dog food? 

You can buy Natural Balance at local and independent pet retailers, through major pet retailers, and online from Chewy, Amazon, and other vendors. You can also get Natural Balance directly from their website and they offer a loyalty program that provides free food when you purchase a certain amount. 

Can a dog survive on a Natural Balance vegetarian diet?

Yes. The Natural Balance vegetarian formula is designed to be “nutritionally complete” which means it has all of the necessary protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that a dog needs to thrive. Natural balance’s vegetarian formula meets all AAFCO requirements for adult dogs.

According to Natural Balance, “This formula offers dogs the same essential nutrients found in diets with meat as the primary protein source, but it is made with no animal or dairy products.”

Is Kindly Geek associated with Natural Balance?

No, we’re just here to provide options on the types of vegan dog food available for your pup. Please note that some links on this website may be affiliate links, but this never influences our commitment to provide you with the best vegan information. Everything we say on Kindly Geek is independent of any type of affiliate relationship we may have with any business.

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