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Amì is a vegan dog and cat food manufacturer that makes plant-based kibble, canned food, and treats. They are strongly focused on eco-sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing food for companion animals.

We believe that Amì pet food is developed to be “nutritionally complete” and to provide all of the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, protein, and fiber that a dog needs to survive and thrive. However, the website is translated and it is difficult to find this specific claim. 

Amì and their approach to vegan products

Does Amì make vegan products?

Yes, Amì makes kibble, canned food, and treats that are plant-based and do not contain any animal products.

Are all Amì products vegan?

Yes, all of Amì’s products are vegan and do not contain meat or other animal-derived ingredients. 

Is Amì a vegan business?

We cannot find information on who Amì is owned by, but we are assuming they are self-owned and vegan.

Learn more about Amì

Amì is a vegan, Italian pet food manufacturer that makes a variety of products with a strong focus on environmental stewardship and sustainability. Amì emphasizes that they develop their food and products in harmony with the planet. The company has more than ten years of experience developing vegan dog and cat food.

The company describes itself as “Innovative, scientifically studied, and forward-looking” and wants to expand without damaging or polluting the world. All of their recipes are completely plant-based. Amì is available in more than 25 countries.

Their foods are made with clean ingredients including corn, rice, peas, beets, potatoes, and yeast. The food does not contain artificial colors or preservatives..Although we believe their pet food is “nutritionally complete,” this is not stated explicitly on the website. 

An Amì vegan, plant-based diet can provide several benefits to your companion animal including better health, greater vitality, easier digestion, fewer allergic reactions, and a longer life. Amì makes several vegan products including dry kibble, wet canned food, chews for looking after bones, and other treats.

How and where to buy Amì vegan products

What types of vegan products does Amì sell?

Amì makes:

  • Vegan pet kibble.
  • Vegan canned pet food.
  • Vegan pet treats.

How can I buy Amì vegan products?

Amì products are available from:

The Green Pink shop for online ordering.

What countries are Amì products available in?

Amì is available in more than 25 countries all over the world and is available in much of Europe, the U.S., and Canada.

Frequently asked questions about Amì

Is Amì completely vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes. All of Amì’s  products are vegan and contain no natural, derived, or other animal products in their food.

Is Amì good for my dog?

Yes. Plant-based dog food can lessen chronic health symptoms, help with inflammation, improve energy, reduce allergies, and promote a longer life.

But doesn’t my dog need meat?

What a dog needs is nutrition, as long as their nutritional needs are met, dogs can live very healthy, happy lives on a plant-based diet. Although dogs are omnivores, and their distant ancestors did need meat to survive, modern domestic dogs are completely able to eat and thrive on vegan dog food. The gut enzymes and genomes of dogs have evolved to let them eat and easily digest plant-based starches, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and grains.

Where is Amì based?

They’re located in Italy, which is where they make their products. 

Is Kindly Geek associated with Amì?

No, we’re just here to provide options on the types of vegan dog food available for your pup. Please note that some links on this website may be affiliate links, but this never influences our commitment to provide you with the best vegan information. Everything we say on Kindly Geek is independent of any type of affiliate relationship we may have with any business.

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