Where Can You Find Great Vegan Hiking Boots and Shoes?

As vegans, we want to keep animals off our plates, and enjoy seeing them in their natural habitats. The next time you want to experience the flora and fauna of the wild, you’ll want a sturdy, comfortable, reliable pair of hiking shoes or boots. Here’s our guide to the very best non-leather Boots of Striding that you can buy. We’ve scoured the internet to find vegan hiking boots and shoes that are available right now, so you can strap them on and get to forging your own path!

You’ll find information on vegan hiking shoes and boots including:

We’ll start the guide by comparing the prices of each product, then we’ll dive into the details of each one.

The Hiking Boot Manufacturers that We Cover

This guide covers the following hiking boot makers:

A Price Comparison of Vegan Hiking Boots and Shoes

Here are the prices of the various vegan shoes and boots you can buy, in US dollars, in ascending order.

Hiking Boots Made By Vegan Businesses — Price Comparison

Hiking Boots Made By Non-Vegan Businesses — Price Comparison

Vegan Hiking Boots and Shoes from Vegan Businesses

There are several vegan footwear manufacturers that are vegan businesses, as they do not manufacture or sell any goods containing animal products. There are three main ones, Will's Vegan Shoes, Vegetarian Shoes, and Eco Vegan Shoes.

Will’s Vegan Shoes

“The entire range is free of animal products and workers are protected by European employment and safety law. Will’s Vegan Shoes really is an animal and human friendly company.”


Will’s Vegan Shoes and Accessories was founded in London in 2012. Although it is a British business, they sell and ship to the US, the UK, and Europe. Shipping is free, and you can return your unworn hiking boots up to a year after purchase.

They provide plenty of shoes and boots, and we’ve focussed on one for men and one for women, below.

Will’s Vegan Men’s / Women’s Walking Shoes


Will’s Vegan Women’s Walking Boots


These hiking shoes and boots are constructed from faux leather microfibre and mesh. They are water-resistant, and have an inch and a half of EVA shock absorbance built into the grippy, durable soles. A cushioned collar and tongue combines with breathable lining and side panels so feet stay comfortable.

Selected Reviews

Reviewers said that the boots were very comfortable and could be worn all day. People liked the thick sole and said they were a comfortable fit for wide feet. They also enjoyed the good ankle support provided by the boots.

Vegetarian Shoes

“I made an exciting discovery, a synthetic microfibre material used for yachting upholstery. It looked and felt like supple leather, but was ‘breathable’, unlike other plastics. After some experimenting, I realised that this was what I had been looking for, and Vegetarian Shoes was born.”


Vegetarian shoes, established in the UK in 1990, ships vegan, non-leather shoes throughout the UK, Europe, the US, and around the world. Most shoes are made exclusively for the business, and manufactured in worker-friendly UK and european factories, including cooperatives. They describe themselves as “The Original Animal-friendly Footwear Company.” Wherever possible they use environmentally-friendly materials, including biodegradable synthetics. Note that you will need to pay for shipping and possibly import duty.

Vegetarian Shoes Veggie Trekker Mk 5


This is a one-piece, three-season boot, with membrane lining, a Vibram sole, made from vegetan mycro. It features a breathable, high-quality, durable construction and is fully water-resistant, padded,  and insulated. The faux-leather collar and tongue are lightweight, padded, soft, and breathable to provide comfort and protection to feet. The Vibram sole is repairable and replaceable, featuring deep, strong grips and angled heel-cleats for good traction.

Vegetarian Shoes Approach Mid


The Approach Mid is a lighter, all-round, three season shoe that is still suitable for easy to moderate hiking. They feature a breathable and water-resistant construction with padded insoles and tongue for comfort and protection. The sole is dual density, and designed to absorb impacts while providing excellent grip. Maintenance is easy, as the membranes do not need to be maintained, and the faux suede uppers can be easily cleaned.

Eco Vegan Shoes

“We believe fashion should always be cruelty free. Harming animals (including humans) or the environment more than absolutely necessary can never be justified. We make every effort to make sure our whole production chain is as clean as possible. We want to put a smile on everyone’s face – including the faces of the factory workers and the surrounding communities. After all, the more smiles, the more beautiful the world is.”


Eco Vegan Shoes is a Netherlands-based business that ships around the world. They are kind to workers, animals, and the environment and ensure that workers’ rights are honored by their suppliers. They are a vegan business and do not use any animal products in any of their footwear.

They provide tax-free delivery to non-EU citizens with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Shipping costs between €5 and €40, depending on where you are in the world. Countries in the EU can expect to receive their items within around five days, while it may take up to three weeks to receive the goods around the globe. Note that you will need to pay for shipping and possibly import duty.

Eco Vegan Shoes All Terrain Pro Waterproof Hiker


This footwear is completely waterproof, flexible, and constructed to exacting standards. It is designed for all terrains and features breathable microfiber in the uppers, insoles of Eco-OrthoLite™ and a lightweight, durable RBU sole with a deep tread and anti-slip pattern for excellent traction. They also feature a flexible fabric to make the boots pliant and comfortable in all conditions.

Eco Vegan Shoes Easy Walker Advanced Swiss Fabric Boot


This boot is lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant. It features high-grip soles for all day use and has in-boot climate control. The sole is durable and features an anti-slip pattern for maximum traction and grip.  

Vegan Hiking Boots and Shoes from Non-Vegan Businesses

Many shoe manufacturers make vegan hiking shoes and boots alongside regular leather footwear.  


Altra Women’s Lone Peak Mid Mesh 3.5



Treksta Evolution Mid 161 GTX


Treksta Evolution Mid 161 GTX - Women's


Treksta Cape Mid GTX


Treksta Cape Mid GTX- Women’s


Arcteryx Bora² Mid GTX Hiking Boot


Arcteryx Bora Mid GTX Hiking Boot - Women’s


Lowa Innox GTX Mid TF



When it comes to vegan hiking boots and shoes, you’re likely better off buying from a completely vegan business. Not only are you supporting companies with the same values as you, in most cases their hiking shoes and boots are actually less expensive than vegan footwear from non-vegan businesses.

There are six excellent options available from the three major manufacturers of vegan hiking boots. They are all located in Europe, so that does mean that customers in the rest of the world may need to pay import duty — something to keep in mind.

So, buy those boots, grab a compass and a map, and get ready to set off into the wild green yonder!